Friday, July 4, 2014



Thinking about how I get my things done and actually getting pretty upset about it, (yes, I procrastinate a lot) I was watching some videos on You Tube and wondering if it`s just me or if it is something all artists go through. Well, I found some videos that were really nice for me and I got some great advices on how to past procrastination and artist block. Will Terrel is a very talentd artist who also is able to encourage his viewers to go through those moments. I love watching his videos. I feel really inspired when I hear his advices. Another very talented artist who helps a lot on You Tube is Will Terry. His channel`s got a bunch of good advices that we can apply to our lives. I am really glad I found those guys online. I have always worked with art, but after moving to Norway my life just became upside down. On the other hand, this place is so inspiring to me, thousands of ideas come to my mind, I get super excited about all my projects... and then.... yeah... PROCRASTINATION comes to mess it up. I don`t know if it`s just fear of doing something new, or if it`s fear of being in a totally different country and having to start from zero. But I`m working on that and will try not to get away from my goals and work on my art.

Let`s do it!!!

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